Large Mirrors for Contemporary Living Rooms

Any room can benefit from a large mirror. A mirror is a wonderful decorative and functional home accessory that makes a small room look expansive and helps illuminate a dark room by reflecting sunlight and light fixtures. It is not only a practical item to have at home it can also help maximize a room’s style.

A beautifully framed mirror is always used in contemporary living rooms. It completes the room’s design and enhances its look. Whether you’re redecorating your living room to make it look modern, or you’re decorating from scratch, here are lovely ideas of using large mirrors in contemporary living rooms.

Four gold framed mirrors make the living room look expansive. Each mirror reflects a different area in the room — from the windows to the lamp. The color of the frame echoes the soft, neutral colors used in the room and the location of the mirrors help this low-ceilinged room look spacious.

A large beveled mirror hangs beautifully over the fireplace. It blends right in with the room’s style, giving it an elegant and sophisticated feel. The angles of the beveled mirror adds depth and dimension to the room. The size of the mirror is big enough to create a balance to the fireplace.


A simple wood framed mirror goes well to the style of this bachelor’s pad. The wood frame echoes the materials used in the tables and the twig decor and the color complements the color scheme of the living area. The location of the mirror is perfect since it reflects the windows, therefore, it is able to reflect sunlight which illuminates the room.

Hang two large mirrors on opposite sides of the fireplace. This design creates a balance look among the elements in the living room. The shiny frame of the mirror gives enough shimmer against the dark wall and its color matches the white, creamy paint used on the mantel and ceiling.

A large floor mirror serves as a focal point in this contemporary living room. The size of the mirror is big enough to cover the whole wall — a great designer trick of decorating a blank wall. The frame follows the neutral colors of the room and the design is simple and elegant.

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